Tivoli Towers

If you could, you’d sleep all day,
Don’t worry dear, that’s normal, that’s OK
Outside air, it seeps through cracks.
If you can sleep, sleep, to slow the rate you respirate.

Shed skin cells coat the walls
and 9 of 12 hum with noise from crowded homes
The air contract in fits and bursts
in a space so small our roots grow in strangling spurts

My friends. they say. it comes from planes.
but no. it sheds. from everything.
and everything you touch absorbs directly through your porous skin
The residue that all things leave, it coats your skin, your lungs, your teeth
There’s a crack in everything, and we are slowly being dissolved into a crowded substrate. the
things that make up everything. If
it isn’t you. it’s at the door. It wants. inside.