Archipelago (Work in Progress)

1. When the trees on this street lose their leaves you can see up that hill, and the people who live up there get a little younger each year: looking down at future playgrounds, bursting at the folds, taking pictures of themselves to slide between the doors of brownstones.

2. The search for "self" in standing structures is the trade of this town, seeking only the familiar in exotic “new downtowns.” Classifying cultural patterns to find a frame for their lives. Finding the line of best fit on the road to their birthright.

3. Don’t get upset. Don’t get worn down. Show some control. Show some compassion. Don’t think in terms of demographics. There are no people, only persons.

4. Inasmuch as our tastes are shaped by the things that we see, [insert city] has a lot of fantastic things to populate our dreams. But the competition in this city has a dulling effect. That which does not appeal to the crowd can only go extinct.

5. I dreamt of the day when someday somewhere I'd see a view of a place, from a place where no one had been. At the top of the city, the city can only see itself. At the top of the world you can only see the places you have been ... and outside that door, there’s a neighborhood of children telling each other, over and over, I am still here. There’s something to be said about how many different ways we've invented to assure ourselves that we're being heard. It's a process of approximating love, forever approaching but never quite reaching anything at all.