Réné on the Railbridge

I get convinced at times, that something’s alive in these walls, and I lie awake most nights, to be sure I hear nothing at all. But now I’m starting to believe my lover is lying to me. Home late. Straight to the sink. Thinks before saying a thing.

Don’t you know that I know you better than you think I do. I listen more than I speak and I can play this game better than you. I don’t need to trust. I observe enough. I learn enough. People just aren’t good enough.

Everyone wants the best for everyone else, but first for themselves. Learn it all the first time through, everything else is up to you…

I just got fucked by a college kid at the Lachine on the rail bridge
Some closet-case Anglo with brown eyes … How does that make you feel?
You said “it’s fine.” I said “it’s not.”
You said “just sleep it off, then we’ll talk.”
I couldn’t sleep with knowing you could, so so easily.
The fact that you aren’t getting mad only confirms the thoughts I had.
If you weren’t such a fucking liar, this would upset you more.
You’ve said before: the unconscious mind sees the world for what it is.
You say nothing, but I hear it all…  I hear it all.
After you left to stay at Joe’s, I searched for mouse shit on the floor
I came up with nothing, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t there.
I pressed my good ear against the wall, to find once and for all
Evidence that something was alive in here, this whole time.