... And during the winter everything goes bad, and it becomes clear to me that you're all I have, and maybe I should tell you that. So I wait on your block until you get back, and ask if you would cut ties with your other man, and you say "Oh, I think we both know that you don't know how to love. We're just having some fun. Is that OK?"

And so I walk back to the room where I am staying on the floor of my last friend, but I can tell that her patience with me has turned, and everything I do just makes it worse. So where do you go when you know that you can't go home?

I've learned that people's concern only extends to those that they still believe can turn things around, so you gotta smile big and talk all about all the stupid shit that everybody talks about, but I'm keeping a list of everyone who's counting me out. 

And everyday in the park I pray for wisdom, and a still small voice, it speaks, it whispers to me: 
"You're beset on all sides by the money flush and they can't see that what they have is more than enough. You should ruin them to bring them back home to me."

I'm gonna take what I can with my right hand, and I'll be shaking their hands with my left hand. I want to take it all, and I want to be left alone, because people with money prefer the company of other people with money, but those of us without any money, we prefer to be alone.

It was night and I was praying to god for vengeance when an angel of the lord appeared to me. He said:
"Steven, I can help you become middle class, but first you've got to do a little favor for us. You've been set apart to spread this message for me:

Tell them 'we're gonna burn this motherfucker down, because you're horrible people. You're horrible, horrible.'
Tell them 'we're gonna burn this bullshit outhouse down, because you're horrible people. You're horrible, horrible. 
We're gonna burn this motherfucker down, because you're terrible people. You're terrible, terrible. 
We're gonna burn this motherfucker down, because you've ruined it all, and you're horrible, horrible.'"