About The Record

All music, lyrics, and artwork by Steve, except for all of the voicemails by friends and debt collector.

A special thanks to Aaron, Adele, Ahmad, Allison, Ben, Curt, Eric, Erik, Filipe, Greg, Jenn, Mike, Maloney, Nick(!), Patrick, Unkefer, and Yousef.

An extra special thanks to Dean Perry and Matt the Drummer

  • I do NOT have permission to use the debt collector's voicemail recordings used throughout the title track. I hope she's open-minded about artistic expression... or that she never hears the song.
  • The first 3 minutes of the record were actually recorded a long time ago using a shitty Radio Shack microphone and a fuzzy guitar loop. I have no idea what lyrics are being sung, but I DO know what I am singing ABOUT. So, I kept those 3 minutes intact, and then recorded 6 minutes worth of music as a followup: the same concept, but with the comfort of 5 years worth of distance between events and the retelling / reinterpretation of events.
  • The entire record was recorded in a small studio apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, except for The Greatest; that song has a 30-second clip of ambient airport sounds that Patrick recorded in Dubai.
  • Alternative Album Titles:
    • Horrible People, Terrible People
    • Potted Plants
    • (No Title)
  • Alternative Track Titles:
    • Track 1: People with Money / A Prophet / Steven is Visited by an Angel of the Lord / C.L.O.S.E.T.S.L.E.E.P.I.N.G.
    • Track 2: Steven Decides to Kill his Landlord
    • Track 3: Chemorealism / Summertime
    • Track 4: A Work in Progress / Vampiires / Birthright
    • Track 5: Things are Better Now
    • Track 6: John, Pick up the Phone
    • Track 7: Listener
    • Track 8: The Year We Met I Slept on a Twin Bed